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Sculpey Mold maker 226gr

Sculpey Mold Maker is designed to create permanent, flexible molds in a matter of minutes. Ideal for repairing picture frames or sculptures, Mold Maker can also be used to make molds of your favorite creations, food, cupcakes, buttons, coins and more.

It is soft enough to shape around even the most intricate details and, after baked, can be used with Plaster of Paris, wax or polymer clay.

Perhaps the most impressive claim Mold Maker has is that it can be used as clay softener. Regular clay softener is oily, expensive, and gross, so we don’t recommend using it. Mixing some Mold Maker with some crumbly clay will transforme back into a soft, workable material. Add more Mold Maker until you have the perfect consistency.

As all polymer clays it won’t hardness until is baked during 15 minutes at 130ºC (275°F). Baking may be done in any regular oven.

(i) This set is coming with 1 block of Sculpey MOLD MAKER 226 gr.

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