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Sci-Fi Silicone Mould


Futuristic silicone molds for modeling and wargaming will allow you to make thousands of unique pieces to decorate your game tables and the bases of your wargame miniatures. This food-grade silicone is known for its flexibility, durability, and ability to reproduce intricate details accurately. With these hobby molds, you can make multiple copies of the same design, which is especially useful for mass-producing game pieces or miniature models.
These are ideal for creating complex shapes and patterns, and they will allow you thousands of unique pieces both to decorate your game tables and the bases of your wargame miniatures, from futuristic city ruins to fantasy buildings such as bunkers and space fortresses. They are flexible and durable, so you can use them to create the perfect scenery for your games.
They are designed to be compatible and complementary with other pieces from the same range of hobby products from Green Stuff World, so you can create extremely detailed items. If you're interested in creating unique pieces for your tabletop tables or wargaming miniatures, this tool will be worth considering.
Acrylic resin is highly recommended to fill them, as well as using scrapers for removing any resin or putty/clay excess without damaging them.
This set consists of 3 molds 6x12cm full of pieces perfect for creating 1/48 scale scenery as well as for traditional and Warhammer wargames, among others.
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