• MDF Paint Station with Cutting Mat

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MDF Paint Station with Cutting Mat


A portable miniature painting tray or Paint station is a surface designed specifically to facilitate painting miniature figures anywhere, whether at home, at gaming events, workshops, or any other place where a miniature painter or modeler wants to work in a convenient and organized manner. They can also be used as a craft workstation where you can assemble and build your favorite models.

GSW paint trays are compact and easy to transport from one location to another, allowing miniatures hobbyists to take their painting station with them and enjoy their hobby in different locations. 

Green Stuff World trays have 2 heights to keep your paints and other tools tidy, as well as provide a comfortable and organized work surface. The bottom floor has 4 drawers + 2 interior recesses to store small parts and other small accessories. The upper floor is fully customizable in terms of canister diameters accepting both textured roller pins, 60ml, 30ml, and 17ml standard droppers, as well as 12/24ml citadel pots. 

Both the left and right sides allow the possibility of opening 1 or 2 holes to put a glass with water to clean your brushes. You can create your own left-handed and right-handed configuration by placing the water glass where you want it. 

The cutting mat included in this Paint Station measures 300x450mm and has a thickness of 3mm being a high-density mat, which will help you achieve the perfect angle and length of cut. The type of material used prevents the blades from slipping, which will facilitate cutting and decrease the likelihood of injury. On top of the cutting mat, a 300x400mm silicone painting mat can be used as an option. 

In addition, the design is made with the possibility of incorporating a Brush Rinser on either the right or left side, greatly enhancing the painter's experience. 

Contents of the Paint Station:
- Usable dimensions: 300x600mm
- Overall dimensions: 360x600mm
- Total weight: 1.8 kilograms


  • 20 paint pots of 60ml, 30ml, 17ml or even 10/24ml Citadel.
  • 2 water glasses
  • 30 brushes or other tools of different diameters.
  • 4 drawers 

Warnings: This item is sold unassembled, but assembly instructions are included. Also, except for the cutting mat shown, all the different additional elements included in the picture such as paint pots, brushes, brush rinser, tools, and other figures are merely illustrative. We recommend using PVA glue to reinforce the assembly.

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